This Islamic Godman Raped 500 Young Girls And Women In His Madarasa

Kashmiri Molvi Misused Religion To Molest Girls!

As per Times Of India report. an islamic ‘Peer Baba’ named Gulzar Ahmad, who was preaching about muslim religion and religious practices as a ‘Molvi’, since the last 18 years in the Khansahib area of Budgam district in Jammu and Kashmir, was found to be involved in more than 500 cases of rape, sexual harassment and molestation of young girls and women, who used to come to study, in his ‘Madarasa’.

When a team of Jammu and Kashmir Police led by DSP Bashir Ahmad, raided this 42 years old Molvi’s Madarasa or ‘Darul-Uloom’, which has a religious school along with a hostel, they found capsules and tablets used to enhance sexual capabilities. They also found CDs and DVDs containing objectionable and pornographic material, inside the Madarasa campus. The Godman used to trick innocent girls and young women, in the name of religion.

Photo credit: Times of India

The team comprising of both policemen and policewomen, conducted a thorough search in each and every room, of each building inside the school compound, and gathered many such evidences of his crimes against women. They found a ‘bedroom’ inside the school, wherein the Molvi used to take the girls, and used to commit sexual atrocities on them. It was similar to the ‘Gufa’ cave found in the now jailed Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s ‘Dera Sachcha Sauda’.

The walls of this bedroom called ‘Hujra-i-Pak’, were found to be decorated with nude pictures of girls and women, as posters. He used to tell the girls that he will ‘purify’ them, or make them ‘Pak’, so that they become ‘Noor’ and escape the fire of ‘Jahannum’ or hell. Gulzar used to selectively quote verses of holy islamic book of Quran, to lure the girls into having sex with him.

His associates Abdul Gani Ganaie, Bashir Ahmed Mir and a female employee Shakeela Bano, used to help him by taking the girls inside his room. Medical examination of one of his victims, who was from Pampore district, confirmed sexual assault on her, by the Molvi. This will be used by Police, as an evidence against him in the court. The Youth believes that such ‘fake’ Godmen must be severely punished.

Disclaimer: A report in The Times Of India mentions that 200 girls have been raped by him, but some other popular news websites claim that the number is indeed 500. The Youth is unable to verify the exact number of victims.



Written by Sushant Awasthi

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