Delhi Professor abuses goddess Durga, Indian Muslims’ reactions will melt your heart

An assistant professor of Delhi University (DU) has been accused of using adultery terms and demeaning goddess Durga in his Facebook post during Navaratri..

On his facebook wall, the professor Kedar Kumar Mandal yesterday wrote,”Durga is the very much sexy pros****te in the Indian mythology.

As a result, it raised a few eyebrows amongst not only Hindus but Indian Muslims as well. Some of they hit the laughing emoji though, yet many Muslim youths were seen bursting with anger when they saw his comment.

This illustrates that India is indeed an incredible nation- a truly secular one.

Here are some comments.




Mrityunjay Chaubey is from the city of Indore which lies in central India. He is a journalist, writer, thinker and social activist. Now he is among us on TheYouth.

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