India finally gets a future APJ Abdul Kalam

At a time when the whole world is facing air pollution problem and cities like Delhi and Beijing are unable to breathe as every place there, is  crowded with vehicles pumping CO2 into the atmosphere round the clock. In some areas, things have got worst that you can’t walk down the streets without covering your face.

But a 14 year old girl from Odisa (India) has supplied oxygen to scientists working on several projects to find out a solution to the very problem.

Tejaswani Priyadarshani has invented an air bike which can run up to 60k without fuel or paddling. This bike only runs on air pressure.

She got this idea from air gun which also works on air pressure. She decided to use this method to run a cycle.

“I thought if an air gun can do that, it could also run a bicycle. I discussed my idea with my father who encouraged me a lot and helped me out with equipment to carry out experiments,” said the brilliant girl.

Before she succeeded, she did real hard work with little sources. she conducted many experiences at her home. And finally her hard work paid off and she rode the cycle for several Kilometres without paddling. People of her locality are seeing this girl as a future APJ Kalam.

India needs to cultivate a habit to encourage scientists and science students to secure a better future for the nation. The same concept was brought into being in the western aprt of the world and tday they are quite successful in all aspects.




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  1. How was the air compressed? I'm sure it was done by magical pixies which have 100% efficiency for converting energy. I'm sure the author will take down this Comment soon. Please don't make such a big story out of this it's not that great and I don't think it's even possible from looking at the image provided. 60kms!? From that cylinder of compressed air? I must be crazy or reading it wrong. This by no way possible even by using the most efficient conversion methods. Please don't publish such nonsense. Thank you.

  2. Very interesting innovation ! Can we get following details ? – 1. How do you charge the cylinder with compressed air ? 2. Specs. for the cylinder or the source 3. How is the compressed air outlet controlled ? 4. Drive for the cycle – how is the cycle driven ? – power, rpm . Compressed air energy storage is a very useful innovation. My contact no is 8695949311

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